Goal: The ambition of the project is to provide a proof-of-principle of the new HF diagnostic methodology combining multiparameter measurements with artificial intelligence.

Problem: Heart failure (HF), inability of the heart to pump sufficient amount of blood, is a serious condition associated with morbidity, mortality and high healthcare expenditures. HF is difficult to diagnose in the primary care, thus many patients remain undiagnosed and untreated.

SensSmart solution: The SensSmart project focuses on technology development for HF diagnoses using non-invasive multi-parameter measurements of electro-mechanical processes of cardiovascular (CV) system: heart sounds, ECG, heart movement and arterial pulsations. The technology will follow the screening-compatible assuring test simplicity, speed, operator-independence, low cost. Design of the clinical decision support system (CDSS) for HF will make use of the data that will be collected during a pilot clinical study. Being in position to obtain a unique large set of recordings of synchronously measured electro-mechanical processes of the CV system, SensSmart will decisively evaluate performance of the known HF features and devise new ones. We will study the HF features’ relations with the underlying physiological processes and thus enable interpretability and transparency in decision-making model of CDSS. Objectives:

Impact: The proposed technology for improved and timely diagnosis of HF will unlock far-reaching social and economic impacts: reduction in mortality caused by HF, improvement in treatment prospects of HF and, consequently, immense savings to the healthcare systems worldwide. Science and technology impact will be promotion of new non-invasive screening-compatible multi-sensor approach in medical science and diagnostics, which will tremendously enhance the data collection speed and enable creation of big data on CV function. A public database delivered at the end of the project will seed this development and enable further investigation by researchers worldwide.